Athlete Spotlight--Lee Lark

YEAR: Sophomore

SPORT: Basketball

POSITION: Point Guard

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, Calif.

MAJOR: Kinesiology

GREATEST SPORTS MEMORY: “When I was ten years old, I hit a buzzer-beater to win our team’s championship game. It was such a good feeling and a great moment.” WHO INFLUENCES YOU? “My dad definitely influences me. He is a very positive role model in every way. He is such a dedicated and determined person and that’s what he has shown me the most.”

IF YOU COULD HAVE LUNCH WITH ONE PERSON, WHO WOULD IT BE? “I would have lunch with Obama. He is my overall leader and is a very bright man.”

LAST MOVIE YOU SAW: “The Great Debaters” FAVORITE HOBBY OUTSIDE SPORTS: “Video games, obviously. My favorites I play the most are Call of Duty and NBA 2K12.” IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY SUPERPOWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? “I want the ability to be invisible wherever, and whenever I want.”

FAVORITE FAMILY TRADITION: “I would say how every 4th of July my entire family goes and meets at a park. We have a huge barbeque and hang out all day.”

PLANS AFTER SMC: “Basically to transfer to some four-year college. Whatever comes after that, we’ll see.” IF YOU COULD PLAY ANY ANOTHER SPORT WHAT WOULD IT BE: “Football. I played it when I was younger too and I was good at it.”

FAVORITE GENRE OF MUSIC: “Hip-hop and R&B. My favorite artists are Lil Wayne and Beyonce.” FAVORITE TEACHER AT SMC: “Mr. Park. He’s an English teacher. I had a couple other teachers here and didn’t do that well in the class. But with Mr. Park he goes out of his way to help me and I am able to learn a lot by listening to him.”

COACH’S FAMOUS PHRASE: “’Drink the Kool-Aid.’ This means for the team to play hard every practice and every game, in order to get something more out of our hard work, besides winning that particular game or doing something great in the particular practice. It means the give-your-all for the final product, which after the season would be to get a scholarship, for example.”

FAVORITE BASKETBALL MOMENT SO FAR THIS SEASON: “In our first game one of my teammates hit a buzzer beater shot to win our first game. It was great and such an awesome way to start the season.”

On Nov. 12, Lee Lark and the Corsairs beat Cerritos on a buzzer-beater shot to start off the season. As a freshman last year, Lee won Honorable Mention All-Conference.

He was second on the team in scoring and was the sixth leading scorer in the entire Western State Conference. On Friday the 25th, the Corsairs will play in the Pasadena Tournament.

Currently, Lark and the Corsairs are placed 12th in the state.