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14 Factory in Los Angeles

Among all the art shows scattered all over Los Angeles, none give you a sense of vast of openness and wonder like The 14th Factory. Its artists have come all the way from Hong Kong, China to bring 14 large-scale and interactive installations. The gallery was conceived by Hong Kong-based British artist Simon Birch and built in a three-acre warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Measure H: The Better Alternative To Doing Nothing

While The American Dream thrives in my own private bubble of the universe, a few blocks down, near an interstate 405 exit, so many tents are pitched underneath a freeway ramp that it could look like a camping ground if not for the blinking of traffic lights and the passing of rushing cars.

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Da Poetry Lounge: A Dinner Table of Artists

“We start off every week by asking: ‘Brutha Gimel, what did you do this weekend?’” It’s a loaded question that Shihan Van Clief, the host and co- founder of Da Poetry Lounge, asks in front of an audience of more than 250 people. Some are like family, loyal artists and listeners who have been attending for more than a decade. Others are essentially strangers, first-timers -- like voyagers in a foreign land.

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