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Alfonso Cuarón Creates an Ode to His Childhood

A half-decade after helming the global blockbuster “Gravity” — which earned $723 million worldwide and several Oscars including best director — filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón has returned to the big screen. This time in his native country of Mexico to film what is perhaps his most personal film to date: “Roma." The film is named after the neighborhood where Cuarón grew up in Mexico.

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De-Stigmatizing Mental Illness, One Carnival Game at a Time

A live mariachi band, a dozen red-and-white-striped proverbial carnival tents, and a blue sky provide an unlikely backdrop for discussing one’s mental health. The “Mental Health Carnival," held at Santa Monica College’s main campus this Tuesday, November 13, provided SMC students with an opportunity to discuss and learn about mental health in an environment that SMC student and Director of the SMC Sustainability Club, Brooke Harrington, feels…

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Halloween at Santa Monica College: Campus Costumes

Halloween-day was nestled in the middle of the week this year, but that didn't discourage SMC students from partaking in the festivities. Students arrived on campus, sporting an array of creepy chill enducing ensembles, to cuter more lovable costume characters like Winne-the-Pooh, and of course everything in between. Take a look at The Corsair's photo series and see what students were wearing

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