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Associated Students Kicks Off Post-consumer Composting Pilot on Campus

Volunteers for the Associated Students’ (A.S.) initiative to implement post-consumer composting on campus began holding their “pilot” event on Monday, May 13 in the Santa Monica College (SMC) cafeteria. The volunteers aimed to clarify common misconceptions about composting, and to persuade students to keep in mind whether their waste would be compostable.

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Club Row Gets Marvelous

Loud, upbeat pop music, a variety of carnival-style games, and a peculiar half-dozen Spider-Man and Deadpool doppelgangers greeted students on the Santa Monica College (SMC) quad last Thursday. Although admittedly a confusing sight to the uninformed, it didn’t take long for student representatives to pitch their clubs to those who lingered around for the festivities.

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Unity for Syria

On Friday, April 7, groups of protesters gathered in downtown Los Angeles to demonstrate against the United States’ recent preemptive strike against Syria. The attack, which occurred the night before, saw some 59 cruise missiles strike a Syrian air force base near the city of Homs.

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