SMC's Best Dressed


Although summer has just ended, the warm salty air wafting in from the ocean nearby keeps students wearing light and comfortable clothes better suited for a day at the beach than a calculus class. But a few brave students have chosen to stand out from the crowd, opting for eye-catching ensembles that represent their personalities through fashion.

LuLu Kaufman

Lulu Kaufman's grungy punk rock look appears as if she fell out of a 90s Nirvana video; which contrasts with her sweetly dimpled cheeks and hot pink hair. Lulu describes her style as “all over the place,” saying she likes to pick up pieces for her wardrobe from local thrift shops.

Patty Perez

Miss Patty Perez, who blew us away with her powerhouse fashion choices, pushes the conventional boundaries by pairing her utility workman overalls with a unique belt choker she crafted herself. Perez says she likes to think of her unique style as “avant-garde,” living up to her experimental choices with boldness and confidence that the rest of us can only hope to emulate.

Rebecca Zheng

Rebecca Zheng was spotted in the library jamming out with her bright pink headphones that match the rest of her bubblegum pink ensemble. Zheng says she is often influenced by the colorful characters from her favorite anime. By mixing her geek chic style with a sporty tennis skirt and cute ball cap, her originality shines brighter than any magical girl she may have been inspired by.