VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Goes Hollywood

Black Lives Matter Goes Hollywood

Crowds united outside the CNN Building on Sunset Boulevard last Wednesday to participate in the #PowerInAction March and Rally.

Starting at 6 p.m., protesters of all ages and races were standing-up and speaking-out against the injustice black people experience living in the U.S. Some discussed how just walking down the street can be a terrible experience because people of other races look at them as some kind of threat and police instantly target them for crimes they didn’t commit.

Protesters expressed that the police are killing large numbers of innocent black people with no regard and that the government are not holding police accountable for their brutal actions. One protestor spoke about how her brother was simply driving in Pittsburgh and got pulled over and beaten by the police.

Numerous public figures attended the event to voice their opinion and use their influence to help raise awareness. The guest speakers celebrities such as Cedric The Entertainer and Kendrick Sampson.

The mission of the #BlackLivesMatter cause is to accomplish positive social and political change. As protester Percy Scott stated, “[each event] is a step in the right direction.” Loving one another for the person we are is the way forward to achieving world peace.

The protest came to an end around 9:30 p.m.