Say "Toodles" to the Old Cup Noodles!

By Marisa Vasquez and Martina Rakar

As we all know, balancing ones health and budget do not coincide.

College students today are looking for affordable meals that satisfy their cravings but won’t jeopardize their well-being. Cup Noodles has heard their cry. Nissin Foods, the company that owns Cup Noodles, released a press statement on September 15, stating that the universal college meal had changed for the better.

According to Al Multari, president of Nissin Foods USA; the new changes to the Cup Noodles recipe include 20 percent less sodium, no more added MSG, and the removal of all artificial flavors to make room for all natural flavors. The new recipe is intended to taste exactly like the older recipe but with healthier benefits to its consumers.

Who better to test out Nissin Foods’ modifications than the everyday average college student? Does the new and improved Cup Noodles measure up to their consumers’ expectations? Can the college students taste the difference between the new and old recipe? We decided to find out. We put both recipes in front of six different SMC student volunteers to see if they could taste the difference between the older recipe and the new healthier version.