VIDEO: Students React to Results of 2016 Election

College campuses across the nation have been reacting with outrage and protest after the election of President-elect Donald Trump, whose entire campaign has been marred with controversy on his statements against several minority groups.

Faculty at Santa Monica College held an open invite meeting on November 10 to hear the voices of students who felt anxious or fearful in the aftermath of Trump’s election. Students who came from Immigrant families, or were immigrants themselves were among those who felt targeted by Trump’s promises to build a wall and implement stronger deportation policies.

Faculty like Professor Marisol Moreno, shared in students fears and helped to reassure students who feared for their fate in the New America under Trump’s promises. But not everyone held the same opinion of Trump, some felt Trump had been misrepresented by the media and perhaps his businessman background would help Americans out of some of the multitudes of debt the country has acquired under the past few presidential administrations.

Inspiring words by Jorge Diaz, an openly gay Latino man who spoke for the LGBTQ community, helped raise student’s spirits. “Now is the time to rise up, to be leaders and allies!” He ended the counseling session on a high note, encouraging students to stay strong and to stay positive in light of the recent events.