A.S. Elections: The lowdown on who can run

The Santa Monica College

Associated Students is an active

organization striving to make

students at SMC feel welcomed.

For example, the hotly debated

parking meters on Pearl Street is

one issue about which Jeronimo

Saldana, A.S. President, is getting

more and more students to stand

together as one and speak out.

The latest action to increase

the costs of parking has become

an major issue during Saldana's


Currently the A.S. has sought to

fill its remaining seats so that the

group can function more effectively

to organize students in rallies to

fight for a common cause or to

offer some interesting activities

between passing periods.

However, not anyone can join

the ranks of the A.S.

"You need a 3.0 G.P.A., a

minimum of eight units, and at least

a year at SMC, to run for the offices

of the A.S.," said Saldana.

He mentions that once one fills

the requirements of becoming

part of the A.S, there is the need

to get an application and acquire

50 signatures to get students

aware of your running in the A.S.


"You need a grade check as

well," he said.

Once all of this is passed, you

need to put everything together and

turn it in to the A.S.

After this, your name will be on

the ballot. Saldana says that once

this happens, start campaigning

and giving speeches to the students

about where you stand on school

issues and policies.

When the elections are over,

and a candidate wins one of the

seats, he or she will hold the seat

for an entire year.

Saldana said that the A.S. does

not really begin working until the

fall, but if you want you could

begin working in the summer for

the A.S.

Elections are scheduled April

5 through April 7.

If you are available to vote,

do so, in order to ensure the best

candidate to do the job.