Budget Management "Steve No Drama"

"Steve no drama" certainly does not like drama, a good attribute when running for the budget management position of the Associated Students.

Steve Galindo is a write-in candidate meaning that his name will not appear on the ballot, but students will be able to vote for him by writing his name on the ballot.

At 19 years of age, the first generation student is currently the Inter Club Council secretary, a branch of the A.S. For Galindo, who is a business major, this position has allowed him to not only work with the many Santa Monica College student clubs very closely, but also to develop a great sense of understanding for the procedures required them to obtain money from the A.S.

"I dedicate myself to public service. If you are for no drama, vote for me," said Galindo whose ultimate goal is to facilitate the process of getting money.

"Santa Monica College is a great school, it has a lot of potential and I am planning to bring out that potential," said Galindo. He aspires to transfer to the top universities in the nation and become CEO of his own corporation.