Chamber President: CEO, Leader and Mother

Kathy Dobson has accomplished many things throughout her four-year career at the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce. Being the president and CEO of the Chamber, she takes pride in her work, and truly cares about what she does with each work day. "I never felt like there were any limitations to what I can do," said Dobson about her career.

Dobson began her career with a Ph.D. from Clemson and an M.B.A. from the American Graduate School of International Management in Phoenix, Ariz.

After studying and working in the country of Mexico for the Commins Engine Company, she eventually landed a position at the El Paso Chamber of Commerce as a marketing director.

"It is interesting because in El Paso, the focus was more on job creation as opposed to here where we focus on sustainable development," said Dobson as she places her hands over her stomach in a motherly fashion.

Her dedication and hard work fixed her a position in the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce in August of 2001, just one month before the occurrence of 9/11.

"It was extremely stressful because so much of our mind frame was in recovery mode, as opposed to pressing forward," said Dobson.

The chamber does its best to help the community in three very specific ways, the first being that it attempts to advocate business interests. Secondly, they try and create more marketing and networking opportunities, and the last is business education."We have to keep our businesses informed, in order to promote the community," said Dobson.

In 2004, Dobson strived to pass the college bond Measure S, giving Santa Monica College more money for its infrastructure.

In addition, after the horrific Farmer's Market incident, in July of 2003, the Chamber alongside the Santa Monica Board of Directors raised over $183,000 for the victims of the catastrophe.

"That really showed how a community can come together and support one another. It was a really beautiful thing. Santa Monica is such a forward-looking community and that allows us to create more and make the city even better," said Dobson.

She has had numerous accomplishments throughout her five- year career in the city of Santa Monica and is showing no signs of fatigue. She continues to show enthusiasm for her profession, and is expecting the birth of a baby boy in June.