Director of Academic Support: Guadalupe Trujillo Represents

Guadalupe Trujillo is one of the candidates for the upcoming A.S. elections for the director of academic support.

Her goals for improving Santa Monica College are by having a more effective student representation "so that we can have a stronger vote." She wants to improve relations between students and faculty members as well as increase recruitment in committees that are within the school.

One benefit of improving relations between students and faculty is that SMC will be more productive in school activities as well as working together to overcome issues that affect the whole community of SMC.

Her major is as of yet undecided as she is still considering her choices between political science and journalism. "I want to inform people," she said. She also mentions that the students can be more active and more aware of what is going on in the school so that they can gather together and overcome obstacles. She is one of the many committed candidates that are positive about students working together. That way the A.S. will have an easier time in getting the word out about the issues that truly need student support such as the recent parking meters on Pearl Street and so forth.