Director of Financial Support: Jonathan Michaeli Strives to Inform

Running for director of financial support, Jonathan Michaeli joins forces with the Corsair Coalition in the hope of bringing greater financial opportunities to the students at Santa Monica College.

At 19-years-old, Michaeli is a local graduate of Santa Monica High School and second year student here at SMC. As a business major planning on transferring to UC Berkeley, he hopes to eventually attend law school, focusing on business law. As his first time running for office he finds himself fighting for students in need of financial help.

"I want to increase students awareness of scholarships available to them through SMC, lobby to raise wages for students on work-study, and increase the money allotment given to students from EOPS," said Michaeli.

He feels that the people within the work-study program can always use higher wages, and that EOPS deserves a larger money allotment in their goal in providing help for students in need of financial support, counseling and book loans.

"Currently none of the students are informed of what's available to them. It's very chaotic," Michaeli said. "Many students don't know the deadlines, if they qualify or not, and what scholarships are available. There is nothing out there right now telling students, you really have to push for information."