In search of a new president

On Jan. 1 Thomas J. Donner was

sworn in as the interim president

of SMC Dr. Piedad F. Robertson

announced her retirement.

As the search continues for a

permanent president, you have to

wonder-what does it takes to become

the president of SMC?

On March 21, the eight members

of the SMC Board of Trustees,

including the student trustee, Dina

Cervantes, met for a workshop on what

the ideal candidate's qualifications,

characteristics, and expectations

should be.

According to the Ideal Candidate

Qualifications, Characteristics

and Expectations Worksheet, the

candidate must have a minimum

of five years of documented

success in higher education, a

strong record of achievement that

includes administrative experience in

a community college and/or business,

industry, and government.

They must commit to the

In Search

Of a New


community college philosophy and

role within the educational system

and in the community.

That person should be an individual

who supports the comprehensive

community college and the competing

priorities of transfer, vocational/

technical, and non-credit adult and

basic-skills education.

Their history must show a grasp of

the principles of financial management

and planning, the understanding

and ability to facilitate the uses of

technology in the instruction, distance

learning, online degree programs, and

other instructional innovations that

support teaching and learning.

They should provide the knowledge

of California and federal laws and

regulations for community college

and be responsive to economic, social,

demographic, and technological


Above all, the most essential trait

the candidate must hold is accessibility

to the students. Can you talk to

them? Do you know who they are?

Students don't even know who their

president is!

"I don't know who the presidents

are, but I do believe it is important

to know your president. You need to

know who to turn to in any situations

you may come across," said SMC

student Danielle Tate.

Although the Board of Trustees

is unsure of when they will fill the

position of presidency, they are

actively looking for the best candidate

to ensure the productivity of SMC.