Vice President:Sadia Afolabi

Sadia Afolabi, who is campaigning for vice president, is currently serving as the director of instructional support on the A.S. board. She is one of the several students campaigning for office in this year's election.

"I wanted to run for Vice President because of what the vice president does: build a stronger relationship between the college and the community," said Afolabi.

Right now Afolabi is in her third year at the college as a political science major.

Afolabi has many goals she would like to complete while in the office of vice president like trying to entice students to be a part of the city council of Santa Monica so that the students of SMC know what is going on off campus.

"I want to get students into the city council so that we know what is going on in the city before we get any surprises like the parking meters showing up," she said. "I want students to do more volunteering in the community."