Director of Academic Support: Sepideh

As the director of academic support Sepideh Makabi has big plans for Santa Monica College. Makabi is a part of the slate 'Action in Defence of Education' with Mark Abraham. Fresh out of high school, she plans a rigorous and intense schedule for herself. "I am one of those people who can't sit still," she said.

"There are so many things I want to bring," said Makabi. As the budget deficit causes many programs to be cut, the internship opportunities have also been diminished. Makabi plans to build bridges between the students of SMC and the internship opportunities that are no longer available. She wants the internship companies "to cater their services for the students." Makabi says that she hopes to make the students of SMC more competitive then others. "I want to beef up the students' applications," she said.

She also wants to work with the administration and the head of each department to see if they need any assistance such as teachers assistants "to inhance the learning experience for the students and teachers."

Coming from a background with leadership roles including student body vice president, Model United Nations debate team member and soccer team captain Makabi says she has the ability to lead. She also founded of the running team when her high school didn't have the financial support and motivation.

Makabi is currently a member of Alpha Gamma Sigma and a public relations person for a an oral sergeant.

"I am a really driven individual," Makabi said. " If given the chance, I will dedicate time and whatever it takes to get the job done. I am smart, a focused student and I will apply that."