Director of Student Outreach: Janelle Tuekes

Business major Janelle Tuekes is currently running for director of student outreach. Tuekes has been a commissioner for the past semester. Tuekes' position involves planning events on campus in ensuring that there is school spirit instilled in every event possible.

"I plan movies for every Thursday night, as well as parties for students have night classes on Tuesdays," said Tuekes.

Tuekes is also responsible for the coordination of the Homecoming Football game including half time events.

Tuekes says she has to make sure there is plenty of school spirit exposed throughout campus events by student involvement in most if not all activities.

"Spirit week is a major event, which involves a lot of school spirit. I'm here to do good things for the students," said Tuekes.

Tuekes organizes and is mainly in charge of making events on campus a great success. Some SMC students may not be aware that the events held on campus are carefully planned by individual people if not a collaboration to ensure that students enjoy themselves.