Student Trustee: Mark Abraham

Nineteen-year-old Santa Monica native and advocate of the community Mark Abraham is running for student trustee.

Abraham said he was inspired by one of his professors, Dr. Philip Daughtry, to keep alternative open for himself. "I realized he was this teacher who made me realize that I had options."

As an active member of Alpha Gamma Sigma, Abraham made connections with the Associated Students. "It dawned on me that this was a great way to make a difference," he said. "I love to help people, for the people."

Through attending broad meetings, Abraham learned parliamentary procedures, Roberts rule etc. "I want to make this community college what it really is."

Abraham has met Dr. Donner and Dr. Robertson trough shared governance meetings in which he is one of three students. The shared governance is a committee for district planning and advisory council where the committee members can recommend for the planning and spending of the school. In the meetings there are many heated debates. "It gets kinda hot in there," said Abraham. He said that he is "instrumental in the petty fights these adults get themselves in."

"I came to Santa Monica College and knew that I didn't want to be in business," said Abraham. "I didn't want to make money off people."

Abraham wants freer access of justice, student's rights, freedom of expression and a better campus.

"I come with a strong resume. I know a lot about the inner workings on a college level and on a district level. I served as president of AGS and I have a good feeling of the clubs."