The Female Messiah?

Moderator Karen Torjesen of Claremont Graduate University posed the issue of a female messiah at a recent "Jewish Messianism Symposium" held at UCLA's Royce Hall.

The messiah is the promised and expected deliverer of the Jewish People. Christians believe that this promise was fulfilled in the coming of Jesus Christ and that Jesus is the second sinless Adam (the first Adam sinned when he ate from the forbidden tree in the midst of the Garden of Eden).

The Shakers, a 19th Century religious group who broke away from the Quakers believe that, Jesus Christ is the Jewish messiah and that Ann Lee is the Gentile Messiah.

According to Russel Haskel's thirty page handwritten tract, Ann Lee's "providential birth"
compares the "supernatural" Nativity of Jesus Christ and a theological duality based on the shaker faith in a consubstantial Mother/Father God, the dual role of the Christ Spirit's interaction with a humanity made up of males and females and the separate but almost equal roles for the "depositories" of the Christ Spirit, Jesus Christ and Mother Ann Lee. Mary and Joseph become the potent image of a loving celibate mother-father couple.

SMC students Shai Abishoor and Ojen Vahedi believe according to the torah (law of moses) that the moshiah ( messiah ) will be a male descendant of King David.