Women's tennis: Elevated play spoiled by Bakersfield College

Any athlete will tell you that weather conditions will have a major effect in how they perform in a game or match.

This past Thursday, in summer -like conditions, the women's tennis team of Santa Monica College had a match against Bakersfield College Renegades.

Not having a tennis match for a week due to the rain, the women were anxious to get their feet moving once again.

Playing through the heat, SMC's tennis team had a good day. Even though the team lost by a score of 7-2, it was a close match. Many of the losses could have been victories.

"We were in it all the way. This was the best they have played all season," said Head Coach Richard Goldenson.

Carola Artigas, the number 3 seed on the team, went up against Courtney Ghilarducci of the Renegades.

Artigas had very little trouble with Ghilarducci as she was able to dispose of Ghilarducci in about an hour, winning by a score of 6-2 6-2.

From the very first serve, Artigas was in control. This win improved her record to seven wins and two losses. "I played well. She (Ghilarducci) would try her best and then I would always answer it back and when she got frustrated with me answering her back, she would over- hit the ball," said Artigas.

The second victory was from Blanca Munoz. Munoz is the second seed on the team. She took on Camry Carls also from Bakersfield and needed more time than Artigas to earn her victory.

Munoz was able to easily win the first set 6-1. In the second set, Carls woke up and gave Munoz a challenge. For most of the second set Munoz was behind. Carls went up 5-4 towards the end of the second set and a third set in the match was on the horizon. Munoz however was able to regain the momentum. She won the next three games to capture the second set 7-5.

"I was hitting pretty well today. Everything was going in for me. I am very happy with this match," said Munoz.

Helen Zaychik the number six seed on the team took her opponent Allison McAlee to three sets. Winning the first set 6-4, she then lost a close second set 6-4 and the third set 6-0.

Audris Lam the number four seed on the team lost in straight sets to Liz Carnal. The match was close though. She lost the first set by a score of 6-2. She also lost the second set 7-5, but the games were going back and forth. It was not until the very end before anyone could tell who would win.

After Lam's match, the doubles matches began. SMC was swept in the doubles portion of the match but like before in the singles matches, each one was close.

The number one SMC doubles team of Masami Hashimoto and Munoz took on the team of Sarah Ramirez and Jayme Brown.

Hashimoto and Munoz lost 8-6 but made a comeback when they were down 6-3 in the match as they were able to get the match score to 7-6 but no further.