Social Security in the South-land

The Social Security number was created in 1936, not as a means of identifying a person, but as a means for the Social Security System to differentiate people.

Though Social Security has grown rapidly over several decades, it has yet to have people submit to having ID cards that make them universally identifiable, until now.

In light of Sept. 11, 2001, there have been numerous attempts to fortify national security by attempting to universally identify those who are under Social Security.

There are hundreds of organizations and people on both sides of the legislature that are trying to stop this from happening.

The ones who will be greatly affected by this REAL ID Act are the undocumented immigrants who currently occupy our country.

With the demand of identification required on not just Social Security cards but other cards, such as a more secure driver's license identification card, it would be more difficult for undocumented immigrants to have federal aid.

Work will be the most difficult thing for undocumented immigrants to find if the act manages to get through the process of becoming a law.

They will need identification and proper ones at that if they are to be considered for the job.

"Immigrants who come here looking for a better life should be given the chance to obtain it," said Santa Monica College student Isaias Rojas.

Anyone with parents who came to this country to seek the American Dream, and seeing other families who also come from different countries, it must be that they are here to strive to achieve a better life, other than the life they would have had if they stayed in their own country.

They believe that America is the land of opportunity, and that they came here believing that anything is possible.

But one must consider:

If this country is the land of opportunity, why is it that propsed laws are trying to shun those that came to seek it?

Those that aren't citizens may feel like they will be cast away and it will be the children of undocumented immigrants that will pay the repercussions and the sense of injustice as they continue their own persuit of happiness in America. So that the struggle for equality ends.