Bridging The Gap

Here is a riddle I was once asked when I was in elementary school: What is a specialist? Like most other riddles asked to me, I shrugged my shoulders and pat came the answer from my classmate: "He is someone who knows everything about something and nothing about everything else."
Being a computer lover, it was no surprise that soon after reaching SMC that I got a job in the computer lab and also became the Commissioner of Computer Labs in the Associated Students.
However, it was here I was given the opportunity to become the managing editor of the campus newspaper - the award-winning Corsair, which I, at the time, only read if I saw one within arm's reach while I walked towards the Science building for my physics class.
Well here we have a computer engineer with no prior experience in journalism becoming the managing editor. Must be crazy!
Not quite. Well maybe.
College is all about testing yourself, not only in areas you know you will succeed but also in areas where you have no idea what to expect. It is only here that you truly get to know what you are capable of.
Fellow students, don't be afraid to venture into unknown waters.
Don't get so wrapped up in doing things that seem to have a direct relation towards your major because in the end you will only come out bigger and better than ever!