Call To Uninvite The Governor

Many Santa Monica College students and faculty are saying "hasta la vista" to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in protest of his serving as commencement speaker at the SMC graduation ceremony on June 14.
Several campus leaders called for the Board of Trustees on June 6 to reconsider the college's decision inviting the governor to speak at graduation. The issue of taking back the invitation is due to his stand on education and social issues.
Signers included students Joaquin Cienfuengo and Julia Wallace, faculty members Kenneth Mason, Gail Livings, Bob Massey, Debra Levitt and Rebecca Curtis, and classified staff member Phil Hendricks.
Signatures from community and political organizations included Susie Shannon, Mickey Oskey, Paul Rosenstein, Deana Igelsrud, Marc Saltzberg and Anne Smith.
The petition asks trustees to find a substitute speaker.