Obi Won At The Box Office

Films should inspire, motivate, excite, entice, entertain, educate and enrapture the viewer in a world that can sometimes only be imagined.
From the compelling opening to the emotional ending, the "Star Wars" trilogy is amazing.
There were wonderful over-the-top characters including Luke, Leia, Han and Chewbacca immersed in an utterly involving story.
The connection you feel to the people on the screen, not the lifeless effects that surround them, is remarkable.
The story takes place in outer space, has incredible action sequences and mind-blowing battle scenes.
But beyond all that, it has a tremendous heart.
It brings out the respect and fascination for light saber fight scenes and the blaring speeds and sounds of battle rather than for the actual human elements that bring all that technological aspects together.
Many of the questions that were nagging "Star Wars" fans from previous episodes are now answered in "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith."
With some sense of satisfaction, fans are informed of interesting facts such as, how Darth Vader becomes Luke's father.
And for that matter, where did all the Jedi go? And why did Vader turn to the Dark Side in the first place?
There is a strange moment in this film when Darth Vader, played by Hayden Christiansen, voice by James Earl Jones, finally dons his infamous suit and looks like the villain.
In that moment, the sound goes out.
Everything becomes completely quiet and all you hear is his particular breathing, which sends a shiver up your spine.
The graphic visuals in the film were quite stimulating and the overall quality was pure magic.
Even the digital Yoda looked a lot better then the original puppet version from years ago.
The acting was not Oscar-worthy, but the characters performed at the best of their ability so that the acting was not terrible.
The character Padme, played by Natalie Portman, could have been a little more then just a crying role.
George Lucas managed a well fleshed-out product from an amazing imagination.
The whole film is captivating and worthy of all the attention it is getting.
It is definitely one of those films you want to see on the big screen.