Point Of View

Dear Editor:
The Corsair is one of the most successful programs on campus. Typically, I am applauding the accolades it wins nearly every year. I am, however, dismayed by the lack of objective coverage the Corsair provided regarding the commencement dialogue called by the Social Science Department last week.
Despite the "heated debate" the article mentions, the reporter covered only one-half of the story. Eight of the approximately nine participant quotations, the only photograph, as well as the reporter's commentary represented a POV supportive of the Governor's invitation to SMC.
There was, in fact, a wide-ranging discussion, considerable opposition to the invitation to the Governor, and the presentation of facts regarding his anti-education policies. In addition, the dialogue was also constructive. The group came to a unanimous agreement that the Academic Senate and the Associated Students should follow up on making sure that future speakers are selected by or with student input.
Finally, the reporter failed to investigate or seek any response to allegations from students in the Republican Club regarding the separate strategizing session held by the Progressive Alliance and interested faculty.
In short, this reporter failed the Corsair and its readership this time.
The Corsair has a reponsibilty to provide extensive broad and independent coverage of issues, such as this one,which are so important to the SMC community.

Eileen Rabach, Ph.D.
- Social Science Department
Santa Monica College