The Zen Of Rocky Horror; Don't Dream it, Be It!

"Don't dream it, be it" is the most notable quote of the 30-year-old film, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Many people ask, "Why do people continue to go every week to see such a poorly made movie?" Nearly every person has one particular film that they've watched several times and never grown tired of. This situation is the same with the exception that the movie is performed with a "shadow cast" who mimic the actions of those onscreen. The film's plot, born from the mind of Richard O'Brien, writer and one of the movie's leads, tells the story of a shy couple with a broken car in a rainstorm seeking shelter at a dreary castle, the residence of the transvestite mad scientist Dr. Frank N. Furter. Insanity and debauchery ensue. Sins O' the Flesh, named after a famous line in the film, is one of the oldest shadow casts in California, consistently performing to audiences numbering in the hundreds at the local Nuart Theater on Santa Monica Boulevard for nearly 20 years.
The cast is widely renowned for their original preshows, 10 minute themed shows telling the Rocky Horror plot through another medium. Sins has won several awards for their preshows at various conventions across the nation and annually performs "Tim Burton Presents The Rocky Horror Picture Show" on Halloween Night. Contrary to popular belief, "weirdoes" and "freaks" aren't the only people participating in the madness. The majority of the people heavily involved in Rocky Horror are generally moderately conventional.
Rocky Horror is a place for everyone, including those who've never fit into social stereotypes. The point of Rocky Horror is not to cram as much risqué behavior as possible, but to let go of that regular person of the rest of the week. It is a place to escape reality and to feel completely comfortable.