Opinion over Fact

Dear Editor,

As a student at SMC I have read, laughed, and been informed by the SMC Corsiar for the last year, but I see a trend entering your paper. I am not blind , and I can see that your paper and the writers do have a tendency to lean to the left. While you may have an article or two that seem independent, most of your opinions, seem to lean toward that of anti war. I do not have a problem with that, but I do have a problem with articles like "It's Not All Worth the Life Lost in Iraq" by Jeremy Myers on 9-14-2005. This is probably the worst article I have ever seen in your paper, and had Jeremy been a student in any Poly Sci 1 class, he would have received and "F" for this paper.

Was this article even read by an editor??? Does Corsair even do fact checks? I am just wondering, because I have done the research and the casualty figures for U.S. soldiers in Iraq is no where near 14,382. Was this just made up, where does it say 14,000 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq. Not only that but the author goes on to say that those numbers might even be wrong, the number of U.S. dead may be closer to 40,000.(the number of wounded U.S. soldiers is around 12,000) Sounds like someone should stop using Al Queda's Homepage as their reference sheet.

Also the writer states that 250,000 people have died in Hurricane Katrina......what??? Where are these facts coming from? I feel that you are misleading a young student body, by including misleading facts in the SMC newspaper. Not only that, read the second too last paragraph in that story, it doesn't even make sense.

I suggest that the editors take some responsibility for what they print. At least use correct facts, and include articles that make sense, not just random political spout offs with fake statistics.

Thank you for your time

Loyal Reader

Brian Rich