"Student Expelled for Parent's Sexual Preference" (Kristal Davis, Oct. 5)

Bravo to Kristal Davis for tackling a controversial topic. Along with the argument that the student should not be punished because her parents are lesbians, the lesbians should not be punished either by expelling her child from the school. The school stated that they accepted people of the "same discipleship," and a significant number of gays and lesbians are good Christians. They trust their own experience of God.

Also, in my opinion, homosexuality is not immoral. As Kristal pointed out, no one today takes either seriously or literally the other prohibitions spelled out in Leviticus. In addition, some contemporary Biblical philosophers do not believe that the Bible condemns homosexuality at all. For example, many of the apparent references to homosexual behavior in the Bible appear to be incorrectly translated; some scholars say that in the original languages of the Bible, these passages actually referred to prostitutes. Further, some Christian groups in recent times have denounced the judgmentalism of the Christian Right, particularly their anti-gay positions. To expel the student from the school is contrary to the teachings of Jesus.

Carol Cox
SMC Student