Re: "Students Take on the Bathrooms"

Dear Editor,

Honestly, I was caught fairly off gaurd after noticing that an issue that seems so trivial and somewhat ridiculous as restroom maintainance found its way on the front page of the paper. Sharing space with headlines like "Tuition Fee Increase..." and "...New President of the College," just the word "bathrooms" was a humorous change of mood; so much so that I read the entire article. The further I got into the article the funnier I thought it was that such an article was published.

However, after thinking it over I see the value in it and the legitmate concern that it raises. Many of the restrooms are in fairly poor condition, most of which can be attributed to misuse and negligence on the part of their users. Hopefully your article does raise more awareness on the issue and students begin showing at least a little more respect. Because in the end, whether or not the restrooms are in usable conditions has more affect on individual students than something "big" like the war in Iraq.

Albert M. Joo
SMC Student