Corsair Football Loses to Underdog East L.A. College, 37-42

East L.A. recorded their first victory of the season, making them also 1-4 in conference, 1-7 overall, tying the Corsairs for the worst record in the league. The Corsairs fought back to make a game of it, but in the game became too intense and the SMC team ran out of gas.

The Corsairs' Ryan Scribner started the game in place of Brady McManus. He was the fourth quarterback to start a game for the Corsairs: a position previously occupied by Ryan Burns, Brady McManus and Nasouf Lagman. Scribner did have a good game despite the final result. He was 42 for 24, completing over 50 percent of his passes, with one interception, and four touchdowns.

Joshua Martin was still a spark for the Corsairs no matter who was under center.

Martin recorded 13 catches for 182 yards with three touchdowns. East L.A., who has the worst rushing defense in the conference, held the strong number two-ranked rushing Corsair offense, to only 65 total yards.

The Huskies played hard for their first win of the season. Santa Monica was losing huge very early, which made crawling back into the game a tough task. East L.A. scored its first touchdown at the ten minute mark in the first.

Before Santa Monica knew it, East L.A. was up 20-0 and looking grim. The Corsairs' offense finally had its first meeting with the end zone with 41 seconds left in the half.

The Corsairs must have figured out their problems by the second half, because they came out firing.

Martin nabbed a 15-yard scoring pass, putting his team back into the game 20-13. This would have been good news for the Corsairs except that they couldn't stop East L.A.'s offense.

The Huskies scored twice in three minutes, the first on a one-yard run, the other on a 40-yard interception by Carlos Perez. 35-13 was the score, but with 37 seconds left in the third Cedric Hayes finally got into the end zone for his first touchdown.

Wide receiver Martin ran the twopoint conversion, giving life once again to his struggling team 35-21.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it," said the Corsairs in reference to their working strategies. Scribner passed to Martin and Jerald Ingram for a touchdown apiece, tying the game at 35 and putting the Corsairs in a position to potentially win their second game of the season.

In the end the deficit was too much to overcome. Twenty seconds later, the Huskies quarterback Smithson hit Woods for another 67-yard touchdown, clinching the game for the Huskies 42-35.

Santa Monica did get a safety with five seconds left in the game, but it turned out to be too little, too late.

The Corsairs can't blame this one on the quarterback play. Scribner threw only one interception, while McManus has been averaging about three picks a game. This one was on the defense. They couldn't stop a last place team. East L.A. was at the bottom of the conference, and now so are the Corsairs.