Corsairs Stick it to Pierce

The Corsair football team ended their down season on a high note Saturday, Nov. 22, in overtime by defeating the now 2-8 Brahmas of Pierce College, 28-25.

The victory enabled Santa Monica to finish one game better in the win column than last year, making their record final at 3-7 overall (2-5 in conference). It also gave the Corsairs their longest winning streak of the year.

Either team could have easily thrown in the towel, but you'd never guess the game was a battle of last place teams. Both teams scored once in each quarter. The Corsairs decided to run the football instead of throw, a trend that usually results in points on the board. With a teams starving for a win, the Corsairs wanted it more.

Consistency at quarterback could be attributed with the win streak. This is the first time a quarterback has started three games in a row since Brady McManus got injured in week six of the season.
Despite the measly numbers three completions for 51 yards, Zack Scribner managed the game. He threw only one interception for the second straight game.

The Corsairs were currently in last place on touchdown to interception ratio with 21 interceptions and 12 touchdowns. Scribner had cut on the turnovers and the Corsairs were able to run the clock and stick to their running game. Daron Bartholomew had 19 carries for 126 yards and a touchdown. Cedric Hayes had 75 yards rushing and a touchdown.

The play that really showed that the Corsairs were in the game to win was in overtime, when the score was 22 all. In overtime, each team gets the ball on the 25-yard line; you get one timeout, no game clock only the play clock.

Pierce got the ball first, but could only get a field goal out of it making it 25-22. The Corsairs had bigger plans. With one strike, Bartholomew ran the ball up the gut and scored his touchdown. The Corsair went up by two and won the game. They didn't even have to kick the extra-point.