The Makepeace Brothers: Mix of Passion and Poetry

Ithaca, N.Y., world folk band the Makepeace Brothers are beginning to take over the West Coast. The band consists of brothers, Ciaran and Finian Makepeace, as well as longtime friend, Connor Gaffney.

The Makepeace Brothers bring in influence from Africa as well as Latin rhythms to their music. Musically, the group draws in inspiration from Paul Simon, Bob Marley, Bob
Dylan and U2. The band claims to have become official for only the past two years, but have been surrounded by music all of their lives.

The Makepeace Brothers also have a message with their music, keeping active in the green movement as well as other activist groups. The Café Gratitude served as a venue for the band while in San Francisco, and is an entirely green-friendly establishment.

Politically, the band is in strong support
of change, progress and the efforts of
Barack Obama. Ciaran Makepeace said, "I'm not always a fan of big hype, but I see how people get so amped and excited about him, he's already making changes. We're more respected as a nation because of him."

The Makepeace Brothers are also trying to fund an organization that would put on festivals to spread environmental messages
through music. Makepeace said, "We want to make people more aware. We want to bring people along who share the same feeling."

The songwriting responsibilities are split between the two brothers, half and half. Some songs are slightly mellow, while the others are intended to make people want to get up and dance freely. At a typical live show the band is complimented on the high
energy they give to the audience and
their audience interaction. "I play the
Cajon drum on some songs, which is
traditionally played sitting down. But
I get real into it and pick up the drum
and play it all over the stage, and I think
the audience gets into that," Makepeace

These things are more likely to happen at a festival rather than a small club. The band favors playing before a sizeable festival crowd for this reason. Makepeace said, "At a festival your audience is there to see you and really feel you. We've been blessed with
good, supportive fans. With festivals you meet a lot of other bands and make more friends. It's a great vibe."

Anyone experienced in songwriting
is also familiar with the headaches that
come along with it; The Makepeace Brothers are no different. "Some days the poetry will just flow from you, other times it's hard to find the inspiration you need," Makepeace said on the obstacles of songwriting. "Sometimes a song
takes a day to write, but it could also
take months. You'll have all the pieces
in front of you and it's just a matter of
putting them all together."

Like most bands today, The Makepeace Brothers are hard at work promoting their own shows on Myspace, Facebook and currently working on a band website. The band is also putting together a street team to promote
shows; to become a member contact
The Makepeace Brothers through their
Facebook or Myspace page. The band
has put forth the effort to get their music
on iTunes as well. Makepeace stated,
"Getting your music put on iTunes is
pretty easy. The hardest part was the
paperwork. Six weeks later our album
was up."

The Makepeace Brothers are scheduled to play The Mint in Los Angeles on Dec. 6 at 8 p.m. and an upcoming benefit show in Los Angeles
on Dec. 11.

For more information on these or any other shows check out the band's myspace page at or search for Makepeace Brothers.

The Makepeace Brothers also have a full length EP available on iTunes entitled "The Makepeace Brothers." Songs are also available to download on the band's myspace page.