Fresh Greens

Cash loving environmentalist with artistic talented needed!

The Clean and Green Campaign is currently holding a logo contest where budding Santa Monica College artists can submit an original design in a chance to win $250 and have their work selected as the campaign's official new logo.

Initially the campaign didn't start its logo search with a contest in mind.
All the campaign knew was that it "wanted to increase the [campaign's] branding," Genevieve Bertone, the committee chairperson said.

Due to budgetary resources, contracting an outside artist wasn't an option.
The campaign decided to find a creative way around this problem, and looked to the artistic minds at the college as an alternative.

"SMC has so many great resources with staff, faculty and students," says Bertone, that the campaign felt it could find a great logo designer right here on campus.
The contest-which began during the fall 2008 semester-was supposed to end when winter break began. But the overall response the campaign received was more than it anticipated. "We expected 10 or 15 logos," says Bertone.

Yet at the end of the semester, they ended up with 30. This prompted the campaign to extend the deadline to March 30. And since then, the contest has grown to not only include individuals, but entire classes as well.

At present, 10 professors in different art and design classes have worked the contest into their curriculum. But it's not just design students or those with an art background that can take part.

"Anybody can participate," says Bertone. This includes staff members, any and all students, and even faculty members.
The campaign is looking for a design that can, according to a recent press release, "embody the spirit of the environmental movement on the SMC campus," which it describes as: "grass roots, smart, current, action oriented and holistic."

"We want something young and fresh, trendy and timeless," Bertone said. Think you have what it takes to create a great design? If so, all interested designers are encouraged to stop by the Center for Environmental and Urban Studies to pick up a list of criteria. The center is located at 1744 Pearl St.

Also, participating artists are encouraged to contact Genevieve Bertone at her e-mail:
After the submission deadline, everyone on campus will be able to view the designs and vote for their favorite in the Cayton Center. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 21 at the SMC Earth Day festival.

And although only one official logo will be selected, the top three designers will each win the $250 prize. So if you're interested, drop by the CEUS, pick up the list, then dab those brushes in some paint, sharpen up those pencils, and get to work because the deadline is coming and the competition is increasing by the day.

"We expect 50 to 100 submissions," Bertone said.