Let Me Smoke Over It

What happened to your previous status?

It was like your emotions were truly shining through for the first time.

Like an early spring morning as the ducks settle on a placid pond for a day of feeding and relaxation, while children fly their homemade kites as their parents sip sangria and reminisce that they were once kids too, they had dreams that would bloom like the flowers aside that calm stream.

But alas, the evening tide removed itself from the earth once again.

That flower died like the many generations before it, leaving an empty dried stem.

And the petals once vibrant with color are now faded, shriveled and frail.

Don't escape from what you learn in Communication 5 class Brooke, don't escape.

Escaping like a Southern prisoner running north following the Polaris.

Running through the Florida Everglades evading beast, but more so, dodging man.

Man's cruel intentions for imposing justice on another.

Like Joan of Arc being burned alive at the stake, her flesh roasting.

But as her flesh melted into her bone, her soul transformed into a martyr.

As her spirit rose towards the heavens it simultaneously returned to Earth etched into the stone of human history.

Forever her kindness and compassion shone through the ages of mankind.

Like your previous face book status, Brooks Fitch, Son of Rob Fitch from the O'Hanlon clan of England, your compassion shone forth.

Now you are just a lonely minivan traveling on a highway.

The driver merely stops at small town fast food restaurants, especially Wendy's, to eat the fried flesh of factory-farmed chickens.

Spiced with chemicals processed in New Jersey, and anemic vegetables grown in California's once fertile central valley.

This could be you Brooks, don't forget Communication 5.