Men's Basketball Comes Up Short in Final Home Game

In their third matchup against College Of The Canyons, the SMC men's basketball team came up short in their last home game of the season. They were led by Sophomores Ryan Avilez, Mactar Gueye, and Arnette Hollis. The Corsairs eventually lost to Canyons College, 68-89.

The Corsairs had a tough time winning games both at home and on the road this entire season. With their final game of the season coming up, the Corsairs wanted to get a win for all the hard working sophomores who would be playing their last game here at Santa Monica.

With the best of three series tied at one game apiece, the Corsairs went into Wednesday's game looking to take the series and finish strong at home.

"We wanted to send our sophomores out in style," said Freshman Ross McMain. "We wanted to end this season on a high note."

The Corsairs took game one against Canyons back in early November, defeating them by 14 points, and the Cougars took game two in January, also by 14 points. "It's a rubber match. We beat them the first time, they got us beat the next time, so whoever wins this one gets bragging rights." says McMain.

Keeping the score close in the first half, Arnette Hollis, Rodney Hudson and Ryan Avilez took to the court in an aggressive fashion to cut down the lead that Canyons had created. It was Canyons' offensive plays and fast break points that led them to a 13 point lead after the first half.

After digging themselves into a hole, the Corsairs became defensive in the second half. They minimized turnovers and led freshman Rodney Hudson into Canyons defense allowing him to score an easy lay-up cutting down the lead to only eight points early in the second half. Canyons' sharp shooters did damage in the last ten minutes putting SMC's fight to an end.

This defeat summed up most of what happened all season long for the Corsairs. They faced some of the most prominent schools from all over California, but were unable to come out victorious.

So what has to change? "Lots of recruiting, it's a matter of building the program right now," says Jerome Jenkins, head coach of the men's basketball team. "I'm not feeling too good about this game. We're programming a transition right now."

At this point, looking ahead to the next season is what the men's basketball team is doing. It's time to find players from all over who can add something to the team. It's time to forget about the season that just ended, and get ready for what's to come. The Corsairs are looking to add players to their team that can change some of the problems that they went through this season.

The SMC men's basketball team has dealt with its share of ups and downs this season as well as in seasons passed. They have struggled to bring home a title, and have yet to prove that they are just as strong as the teams that they compete against. Winning only 7 games since October, the men's basketball team has some obvious work to do.

One thing that does not go un-noticed about the men's basketball team is their hard work and dedication to this sport. This team has the talent and drive to make a comeback next season, but for now, all we can do it wait and see what happens.

With the brilliant coaching talents that Jerome Jenkins showed this year, and a promising freshman roster, there is no doubt that the Corsairs can redeem themselves in seasons to come.