DJ Mano Spins Electronic Vibes

It was around 8:30 when these guys finally arrived, my photographer, his cousin, and I had been waiting around the front of The Yard for quite some time, and given the venue we weren't sure if we were covering a DJ set or an elderly couple's dinner.

Under any normal circumstances we probably would have been mad at that point, except they came offering shots of Grey Goose and suddenly any inkling of animosity quickly dissipated.

Germano Kuerten, aka DJ Mano, is an up and coming artist who is sure to make his name known soon. Mixing the sounds of both house and progressive house he creates a sound that not only makes you want to put his set on repeat, but makes the whole room get up and dance as well.

And that was clearly evident as that evening The Yard transformed from a wine and dine kick back where happy hour just ended, to a nighttime hot spot in a couple hours.

But really, that's just the life of a DJ; you bring a party with you or create it on the spot wherever you go. And Mano was sure to impressive, as he made evident at our first encounter. What I learned was that not only did he live up to the title that's carried with being a DJ, but also that he's a guy who hopes to transfigure the genre and can really make a push to do so.

One of the acting presidents of the Electronic Music Club, alongside fellow DJ's Gideon, Arom, and Yacek, Mano feels that music goes beyond what our ears give us and finds a way to enflame a passion within ourselves that everyone can relate to.

No matter the style, sound, or pitch, music is a universal language that seems to find a niche for every moment of our lives and is an art form that everyone can appreciate.

Mano's passion not only comes from within himself when he's mixing but from the audience as well. As put by fellow DJ Jamesen Re, success can be summarized in one word "Connect." By being able to connect to his crowd Mano is able to create an energy that his audience is able to build and feed upon to the point that all they want is more.

His melodious grooves, and smooth style offers beyond your traditional DJ found at a school dance and places him in a level only few really stand on.

However Mano's unique sound comes not only from this fact, but also from another force, which drives him toward success. He feels that "Music is an instrument for a higher interest, it's not all random." Where some DJ'd scratch and mix just to get the best possible sound, Mano hopes to use music as his voice to promote a larger goal.

His message is simple; the purpose behind his music is "To wake people up to love, sharing, and giving." Proving that chivalry isn't dead, even between DJ's. Mano's humanitarian motives are conveyed not only in his music, but also in his personal life as well as he volunteers for the community with his father by giving food and assistance to the homeless community as well.

And with a release coming out courtesy of Trebol records it seems Mano will soon be able to share his message and pumping beats with a wider audience. Be on the lookout for DJ Mano in the future and if you want to check him out yourself once a month when he spins at The Yard and Little Temple in Santa Monica.