Kaleidoscope Involvements

She wrote to the wind, the truce that may guide her. She laughed at anecdotes made to delude her. In the quintessence of humanity, nay...further ongoing, being; she finds: we found...the reality, in being only an entangled web of our debased fears, mixed with enough comfort to offer us a fixed security.

Is that necessarily a good thing? This security? Little rain bowed bubble you stand in and you know what to expect. But then they start to poke you. At first, a nuisance, a slight paltry nervous laugh. and you have your defense mechanism. You react and this security? Does it exist now? "perhaps" shall we contuine? They may pop your bubble and there you stand drenched insecurities.

You see this security was never, would never be, a foundation, a bases. The only security we have is the eminent affirmation, of insecurity, change. Haha and the paradoxes begin. Oh glee! They can be amusing, if not a bit distracting. Winding falling rain, flowers, kisses, smiles; be in peace in the chaos. Oh but we could go on, so now what?

We're walking just meandering around. You have your stars to reach for, twinkling from a far. Stop to smell the roses, the jasmines, the air. In, out all around.

High holiness to thy beauteous brow.

The chimes they'll mark the time. Spaces in between. Our mentality, our sanity, it all begins to spin. Floating, coasting, transcending, through mirages, realizations, ultimatums and now corroding rusted memories, wishes, dreams. Fertility in the accomplishment of coagulated essence let loose, replacing the so called "human" factor. Protruding mortalities, signals all pointing. Fusion of metallic like illusions. Shiny. Crackling under pressure, a million pieces made from an incident that breathed fire. Heat, break down, transformation, configuration into a different entity and yet you live on. Die forth.


Life. Death.

So on.

Kaleidoscope involvements with

Caressing all enchantments.

Only thee

Is me.


C'est fine!