The Love Passed Us By

in the dark alley we stood.
the lighter turning on my cigarette
was the only glow we saw.
i shouted drunk off whiskey
i shouted my souls worried
afraid of losing a love,
or an illusion of love was torturing
my heart.
i tried to flirt with the idea that i
was only being silly.
in the back of my mind, though,
it pierced me in the heart,
the knowledge that we didn't
i needed to leave,
and i needed to leave fast.
bid farewell to my vision of our
how can we fill this empty canvas--
how can we paint a picture of us
when my paintbrush is the only one
the stars i talked to back in the day
when our future was darker than
i see it clearly now.
clinging to you,
the idea of you.
i guess this is my cue
to get up and out of here.
leaving this blurry vision
in my head up to fate.
i digress, lighting another cigarette,
putting on hold the fact
that it just isn't you.
i doodled a dream
and slurred it to you in my whiskey
it was a dream only meant for sleep
and nothing more.
we were always the sleeping kind
i felt as though, this love that never
had passed in my sleep.
i woke up still high from my dream.
our love never left these walls.
our past is a starry night,
hey, daytime has to come soon...
in this dark alley we still stand,
full of fog.
i know tomorrow i will wake up
and it will be gone altogether.
our love that grew dwindled away