Postopolis! L.A. Urbanism and Blogging on Downtown Rooftops

An array of artists, designers and writers met on the Rooftop of Downtown L.A.'s chic Standard Hotel for a five day conference
and blogathon of back-to-back
discussions, interviews and panel talks regarding art, architecture and urbanism at an event known as Postopolis!

Postopolis! is best described as a five day gathering of those intensely involved in the art of architecture. Everything from
Architects, builders, journalists,
photographers to college professors joined the event and listened to lectures from panels as various artists talk about their work, updating all with the happenings of
architecture as audience observers
gather around.

Interesting topics were discussed and heard as speakers from around the world shared the latest and greatest in architecture.
Bloggers were seen propped on couches throughout the audience rapidly pounding away on their laptops keeping the cyberspace community updated minute to
minute, while others sipped on cocktails underneath the city lights of the open L.A. skyline as they listened to the compelling speeches ranging from artistic, borderline
bizarre to more serious topics.

Undoubtedly, some interesting things were definitely heard. "Ants ate my food. I became obsessed with ants because they
were eating my food and they're not making any buildings," said Sean Dockray, artist and panel speaker who recently came out
with a project about the patterns and rhythm of ants.

Media was greatly discussed during the final night of the event, not only emphasizing on architecture but media in general and the future of it was a topic that kept audience members' ears perked
and deeply engaged.

A media panel of writers, editors,
journalists and photographers took the stage and discussed the outlook of press during the tough economical times. Concerned voices related to the down turn as construction slows down, newspapers diminish and the significant decrease of advertising sales. Online publication and
blogging was the big headline of
the evening.

"The future of reporting is blogging. Diversifying is important in this industry. Learn about blogging and learn about as many things as possible for as many people
as possible," said Alissa Walker, freelance writer, Los Angeles. "I'm making the lowest salary ever. I made more when I was 24.
Advertisement needs to sell," said
Dakota Smith, Journalist.

"Publishing right now is completely changing. I'm saddened that every week I am hearing about a magazine closing," said Tom
Fawlks, photographer. The popularity of online publishing and the pros and cons of
blogging and writing for the online
community was discussed.

Renowned photographer, Catharine Ledner who has work with various famed publications
like Newsweek, New York Times, Bazaar, Dwell and many more, shared her view on ethics and the use of photography online. Ledner shared an example from her own
experience, and the effect of what happens when photography gets used or abused without permission and being properly credited, referring to a specific incident that occurred with the use of one of her photos of a hedgehog and the repercussions
of what could've led to a law suit.

An interesting tip she shared was the valuable use of Google alerts when tracking her work and name down with online sources.
The diverse mix of professionals
on the media panel that shared during
the evening, discussed interesting
and informative topics, making the evening extremely valuable for those interested in perusing a career or degree in journalism,
communications or media.

The crowd throughout the five days was mostly those that had anything and everything to do with the architecture industry, yet was not limited. All different types, all ages and all professions showed up.

"It's been really eclectic. There are a lot of things going on. This event is used to keep everyone in the loop of things," said Ismar Enriquez, Los Angeles based architect.