Karma Rescue

Their mission is one: to be the savior of helpless dogs that are abandoned to their luck in the streets of Los Angeles. This organization rescues also dogs from the high kill Los Angeles area shelters, where they face a deadly risk of having their life shut if no one comes to their rescue.

Coming to this center is a new beginning for these dogs no matter their age. Their lives are integrated once again into society by being trained, cured if injured, adapted to the world again and ready to become new friends to anyone who is willing to take care of them.

Karma Rescue's founder, Rande Levine has committed herself to the well being of these dogs. Since she founded her non-profit organization, Karma Rescue, in 2003, Levine has put her vision to work into making the world a better place, at least for these dogs.

"Growing up with animals helped me find a special place in my heart for their needs" said Levine about her unconditional love for dogs that has taken her to reach a new step in her life.

Her will power to create a better place for her pets took her, and her friendly volunteers at Karma Rescue to give a second chance of living to all of the dogs under their care.

Her organization is run solely on charitable contributions, sponsorships and by the help of volunteers and people who are willing to take a dog at least for a walk, or who will spend a portion of their time helping to secure the dogs' future.

The sponsorship programs vary in benefits that the dogs can receive, from dog treats to training and rehabilitation; therefore they all have an opportunity to continue a living without the risk of their life ending without them enjoying it.

Finally, Levine adds:

"Now, almost 5 years later, I see the difference we can make and it encourages me to think and to dream even larger."