A couple of weeks ago, a man allegedly sexually violated an SMC student in the school library (refer to Issue 7 of the Corsair, front page).

How do you feel about personal safety on this campus?

"I feel as safe as I did before. I just never thought it would happen in the library. Sex offenders are everywhere and no one can stop them."

-Mandy Manii,18, Political Science Major

"This is the first time this has happened and I recieved a lot of emails about it, but some guys here do take just one class to pick up on women."

-Nader Atassi, 18, Political Science Major

"That is very frightening, although I still feel pretty safe. They have that SMC police line so, they should make that number more known. Maybe have a police officer on duty inside large areas like that at all times."

-Lisa Romero, 24, Art Major