Welcome Back, Corsairs!

As we approach the summer solstice, leaving behind the grey days of winter, our attention spans shrink and our interest in attending class dwindles.

Spring break has come to a close leaving students hungry for more time off instead of returning rejuvenated and yearning to conquer the unending amount of information to learn at college.

Sorry, but there is still a month and a half of school before students can unleash the fury of fun that should define the summer months of every twenty-something focusing on the beginning of chapter two in their young lives.

The campus contains a new energy this week. The greens are more vibrant than before, the reds radiate with their annual rebirth of infancy, even the face of every student glows with hope as they approach an end. Their previous four months are coming to a close, where they will receive one of five letters that will summarize the entire person for an inordinate amount of time.

If that letter is close to the beginning of the alphabet, the student will move on to bigger and better places; if the letter is three away from the front, not even a state school is going to talk to them. Sterilization and isolation of failures is the American way.

They will be rewarded with a whole new set of opportunities. Their sheltered lives will end June 16th and they will know the true meaning of the oft-used cliché: "sink or swim." They will only be judged by their actions from that point on. Mercy ends when reality begins.

Entrepreneurs will be born out of necessity because even though they are unable to continue their studies, no matter how much they want to learn, they will be branded unfit for an institution and sent out to join the ranks of their parents.

To those that fall in the upper echelon of the letter scale, welcome back. Congratulations on your ability to play this game, and good luck in your promotion to a four-year institution of higher learning.

With everything in, on and around the world, (read: America) in full bloom, take the cue from nature to change your mindset. Now is the time to use cyclic patterns of change to your advantage and do anything you want to do, and go wherever you want to roam. The world is fresh from the rains of rebirth disguising its annual baptism and so are we.

Study hard kids, hell hath no fury like a failure's regret.