Fade To Black

Forests made of cinder
A red and bloated sky
And though our habits scorch the earth
We say that it's alright
The oceans begin to crumble
Beneath the breathless night
And all across a toxic world
Our children ask us why
Until the day we breath no more
Without a machine's aid
When so many lie so quietly
Dead without a plague
Until the farmer tips his plow
For nothing's left but famine

While people worry, deep below
Their hearts filled up with sadness
Not until, at long last
We see the bloated corpse
Will we ever begin to show
A hint of deep remorse
But apologies will not bring
Life to ashen rock
A dreary, dead and green-less world
Still hands upon the clock
If you had told me years ago
So much worse than we had thought of
Once more, to sleep, upon the floor
And mankind is forgotten.