Sneak Peek: Picasso at Lapin Agile

In Steve Martin's 1993 Picasso at Lapin Agile Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein meet at the bar Lapin Agile, in Montmartre, Paris, when neither man is famous yet, but are on the verge of becoming so.

Director, Danny Campbell, said that SMC's Picasso at Lapin Agile is "very funny and contemporary." He says that there is a little of art, science, sex, and relationships, which all contribute to making the play a "brainy comedy" in which every third line will make you laugh.

Marlon Russ, who plays Sagot, Picasso's eccentric art dealer, warns the audience, "Your funny bones are going to be shaking, rattling, and rolling."

Greg Bruenell who plays Gaston, a sarcastic old man, which Bruenell explains is "barely a stretch for him."

Robert McBain, who plays Freddy the bar tender, said, "The show is great, we're having a lot of fun."

All of the actors are students at SMC. Some of the actors have a background in theater arts and others have only taken acting classes.  

"Its been challenging to get in tune with the tone," said Christopher Brisson, who portrays the young Einstein. Playing a comedic roll is new for Brisson who has experience in performing in romantic and dramatic plays. "But Danny is a great director."

Rafael Siu from San Francisco who plays Picasso agrees with Brisson. "Under Danny's lead is a good wing to be under."

The show runs a total of five times starting this Friday and finishing this Sunday. It takes place in the SMC's Theatre Arts Studio Stage, which is an intimate space. The play is a one act running about one hour and fifteen minutes. Campbell warns that the tickets will sell out fast so buy tickets ahead of time in front of SMC's Theatre Arts Complex or online. For more information, go to