Cheap eats: Vegan Glory

For many people, meat, dairy, or eggs are always part of their daily diet.

But some people just say no.

It sounds impractical and absurd, but to many vegans it's a better way to live a healthier and happier life. Many restaurants and markets support veganism and provide a range of meat and dairy substitutes in salads, sandwiches, noodles, burgers, and much more.

Similar to how In & Out is Los Angeles's infamous go-to burger joint, Vegan Glory is the grandeur of vegan restaurants. Its glorious name alone defines its unlimited selection of non-dairy and meatless items along with the taste of sweet and sour flavors from Thailand, which distinguish their dishes from any other Thai or vegan cuisine.

Although I am not a soup lover, I am a steak aficionado. So when coming upon Vegan Glory, instead of feeling a strange hesitancy, I looked forward to its inimitable and unfamiliar taste. I also knew that if most people could be vegan or vegetarian, then I could undoubtedly try it for the night, especially if it included authentic Thai ingredients.

The first thing I noticed about Vegan Glory was how packed it was at 5 p.m. I wondered what extricated the restaurant from other vegan joints and ultimately found out through their flavorsome tofu satay skewers and exceptional soy beef burrito. The tofu satay consisted of five marinated skewers with a side of tangy and sweet peanut sauce that complemented the dish along with a side of fresh-cut cucumber salad for surprisingly only $6. This alone could have filled me up, but I knew I had to try something else to get an overall glorious feeling of the place.

Since I was in the fix for some Mexican flavors (as usual), I decided to order the soy beef burrito. At first thought and glance, it was quite unusual but ultimately no different than any other burrito I had tasted in a Mexican restaurant. Combined with crisp vegetables and a flowing mix of warm cheddar and mozzarella cheeses on fresh lavash dough, the soy beef burrito indubitably triumphed over everything else I had eaten that week and was only $8.

A sensation of vigor and blasé overcame me and for the first time in CheapEats, I was satiated but wasn't uncomfortably overstuffed and in a find for something else to feed my stomach. This refreshing feeling allowed me to realize that customers ultimately love Vegan Glory because of its health benefits.

After we eat a meal, it takes approximately 30 minutes for us to actually feel full. Usually at restaurants our eyes tend to be larger than our stomachs and we order more than we can handle, but at Vegan Glory this is not the case. The portions are quite small, yet bursting with flavor, which enables you to have an appetizing stomach even after that 30-minute mark.

Vegan Glory also provides a selection of chicken/vegetable wraps, Thai dishes, and all-American veggie burgers, which is one of the highlights since it accommodates everyone's taste buds.

"I am a vegan but my friend is a mad beef lover, and when he first came here he thought there would be nothing for him on the menu but after ordering the soy beef burrito, he's the one taking me here," said Vegan Glory regular, Heather Dodd.

Although I haven't conformed to veganism, I now know that there are many alternatives to eating food that people think are vital to survive. Eating at Vegan Glory provided me with a unique way to enjoy food, along with a new perspective on health and a different way of living.

Instead of having the usual chicken and green bean dinner every night, head over to Vegan Glory on Beverly Blvd. Where you'll not only be able to say you tried vegan food, but ultimately tried something new altogether!

Located on:

8393 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90048