Global Motions performs at Global Citizen Day

Free food was not the only interesting thing that happened last Thursday, November 18 during the International Fest: Global Citizen Day at Santa Monica College. Although the snacks from all around the world were really appetizing, the international dance performances were even more appealing.

Global Motion, SMC's World Dance Company, is a group composed of SMC students, the SMC dance department, and professional choreographers and artists. The students performed dances that were from Mexico to the Middle East and Africa.

"You will see dances from Africa, Brazil, Ballet, Mexican dances, and Hip-Hop," said Raquel Ramirez, who is the director of Global Motion.

The first dance was a dance from the south of Mexico, which was performed by ladies only and consists of dancing with a pineapple.

The second dance was definitely the one that brought the most crowds and probably excited the college boys as it was the famous belly dance, performed by two splendid ladies in a dress that showed more than enough skin to stimulate the crowd's eyes.

Then back to Mexico, to the North this time in a dance with three couples dancing tightly with a lot of eye contact and touching in a really sexualized dance.

And finally, Capoeira, which is a dance originally from Africa, exported to Brazil and is one of the most famous dances in Brazil. The dancers all dressed up in white were at first sight fighting, but when you look closer saw that they were simulating fighting movements in a beautiful and elegant way, without touching each other.

"I love it," said dancer Leon Loebicill, who has been part of the group for a couple of weeks now. "It's really fun."

Everyone took part of the game and loved it. The crowd was clapping, cheering, singing, and dancing.

"I wanna do it now that I saw these guys doing it," said Christopher Bongo, an SMC student. "It does look easy, but I am sure that it is really hard," he added.

All and all, the dancers and choreographers support and promote other students from SMC to be a part of this family and cheer them to try the tryouts that will start next semester.

"I've been with Global Motion for 4 semesters now, and it's been a lot of fun," said Victoria Tap Stott. "It was a great opportunity to perform, and just having the opportunity to work with professionals," she added joyfully.