SMC's international students on Mother's Day

One tradition that seems to occur in most families around the world is the day when we show love for our mothers. SMC students, from different places in the world, give you their thought of Mother's Day and share with you how they are going to celebrate, with everything from dinner to long distance calls, this coming Sunday.


Name: Kevin Garcia

Major: Animal Science

From: Mexico City

In Mexico we celebrate Mother's Day on May 10 which is the same day as here in the U.S. I think it is a good tradition. However, I think moms should be celebrated everyday and not just that day, but it is definitely a good thing to have one day to remind us to appreciate our mother.

I'm definitely going to celebrate it this year, I do it every year. We always celebrate it by taking my mom out for dinner.


Name: Estefania Baltzer

Major: Nursing

From: California

I think Mother's Day is a pretty good holiday to remember our mothers. People sometimes forget about their mothers but this is a day where you can celebrate our moms and they can feel appreciated.

This year we're gonna make a little banquet for the mothers at my church so it's going to be really nice.

I think this holiday could have some negative affects though. For people who have mothers it's going to be a very happy day but for some people who maybe don't have any parents or a mother it's going to be kind of a gloomy day.


Name: Louisa Zhai

Major: Bio Chem

From: China

I think it's a good tradition to have a day to appreciate our mothers. We celebrate it on May 10 in China as well but since I'm here I can't celebrate it with her. Since I came to the U.S. every Mother's Day I'm away from her so I just send her flowers and call her and say “I love you” or something like that, it always makes her happy. Back in China we usually go out for dinner or me and my dad cook for her and make sure she does not have to do any household chores that day. Sometimes I also buy her some gifts that she likes.

My mom doesn't give me love to get something I return like material wise. It makes her more happy when we make sure she knows that we love her and express our love for her so appreciation is definitely more important than gifts.


Name: Satndra Singh

Major: Neuroscience

From: India

I think it's actually a pretty nice tradition. Back where I'm from they don't really have an official Mother's Day but they definitely have a big emphasis on respecting your mom and making sure you take care of her. Especially when you get older. Over here you become independent a lot earlier than in India. Over there you're still taking care of your mother when you're 25- 30 and here, when people turn 18, they're out. But I think it's a pretty nice holiday to have like one day to remember to emphasis relationships.

You don't have to buy any expensive gift, you can just take her for a walk, go out for lunch and just to spend time with her.


Name: Petar Antoeski

Major: Biomedical engineering

From: Skopje, Macedonia

We have the same tradition where I'm from but I think it's on March 8. It's a nice tradition like respecting your mother and everything. I don't live with my parents right now because they're in Europe so I don't really get to celebrate it anymore but when I was back there we always celebrated with presents, flowers and everything.

It don't have to be a bought gift or something expensive. You can buy her flowers, you can buy her jewelry, or you can just make her breakfast and spend time with her. As long as you show love and respect. That's the most important.

I think it's a nice tradition just to respect your mom and do something special for her that day and make her smile. Give her the love that she gives you everyday.


Name: Sahirah Panton

Major: Design

From: Los Angeles, CA

I think Mother's Day a great idea. I think mothers should be appreciated more. Mothers do a lot for their children and some mothers don't even have to take care of children and they choose to do it anyway so they should be appreciated,

I'm definitely going to celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday. I'll take my mom out to dinner, buy her flower, make her a card and just let her relax all day since she works a lot. We do different things every year but most of the times we take her out to dinner.