New ICC board elected at last meeting of semester

Paul Netro of Astronomy Club and both Kevin Picard and Mariah Casillas of the newly formed Improv Club will make up the next school year's Inter-Club Council board, filling out the rest of the Associated Students board seats. Netro won the position of ICC Chair with 32 votes against candidate Trae Smith's, of the club Generation of the Future, 17 votes. Netro says that when he was elected to be his club's ICC delegate, he had no idea what ICC was.

"In the past year, I have learned just how important it is to be involved in the club community here," said Netro. "My focus would not be on the needs of the A.S., on the needs of the administration, just the needs of the clubs."

Picard had  a majority vote of 39 to his opponent in order to win ICC Vice-Chair. "When I look at the ICC, it's like a heart, and if you don't have a healthy heart to help pump, then you don't have anything at all," said Picard in his introductory speech. He went on to propose some ideas for the future, which included allowing clubs to donate lump funds to charities of their choice at the end of the semester.

Casillas won unopposed for Communications Officer after a previous nominee did not attend the meeting. "Something I think is so special about the clubs that I've seen is that everyone is more like a family in your clubs," said Casillas in a speech to the ICC. "If I can help you guys and become friends with you guys and annoy you guys with constant email reminders and my friendship, that would be awesome."

Both Netro and Picard noted that they sat in on Joint Council.

Elsewhere in the meeting, an Alpha Gamma Sigma representative expressed dissatisfaction with this semester's Club Row organization to loud applause from the ICC delegates in attendance. Current ICC Vice-Chair Courtney King noted that she was unaware that an outside taco vendor was giving away food for free when she placed their tent next to campus clubs who were intending to sell their food for fundraising.

King also noted to the delegates that the A.S. Office has a comment box if anyone else would like to weigh in on any per.

The clubs that won prizes for their Club Row booth decorations were Sigma Chi Eta in third place, I.D.E.A.S. in second place, and Astronomy Club in first place. The clubs received $50, $100, and $150 in their special account allotments respectively.