AS Elections 2016: Meet the Director of Budget Management candidate Orlando Gonzalez

Orlando Gonzalez Gudino-Guizar is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico and came to the United States when he was only 14 years old. He is an economics major who plans to transfer to UC Berkeley. Once he graduates, he wants to work in the Treasury Department in Washington D.C. Gonzalez is currently the ICC Vice Chair on the Associated Students board, and a candidate with the Fresh Start slate for Director of Budget Management in the 2016 AS Election. When Gonzalez first joined SMC, he centered his whole life around his education. For the majority of his first semester, all he did was study, eat, and sleep. He eventually found the Adelante club that he really connected to and that made him feel more involved. Being a part of Adelante is one of the primary reasons that he was motivated to run for AS.

One of the goals that Gonzalez wishes to accomplish when he joins AS is providing students with free condoms and tampons, as well as other health necessities that he feels students deserve free access to.

Along with that, Gonzalez believes that students should be able to feel as comfortable as they can when they come to school. He used the Loyola Marymont University campus as an example and said that it was described as one of the happiest schools in the whole country.

When asked to pitch himself to students in one statement, he said, “There are 3 things that you guys should look for when deciding who to vote for: intelligence, energy, and integrity. I will use those three qualities to be the budget manager that you guys deserve.”