AS Elections 2016: Meet Director of Student Outreach candidate Rashisul Haque

Many students have never seen the AS Director of Student Affairs. Rashisul Haque hopes to change that. His name means pedestrian on the path of truth and he said he hopes to open up student eyes to the truth of everything going on around SMC. He is currently running for Director of Student Affairs and wants to change the division on campus between administration and students. Haque and his New Wave slate, hope to solve common student problems like parking and the disconnect between the school, its students, and its representatives. He believes he can change things.

Haque said, "As a student the last two and a half years, I have not seen any face of any student body face to face. I have not had the opportunity to have my needs helped. I want to get students more involved in the community of Santa Monica by reaching out to local businesses to bring more discounts for college students, internships, and jobs to the SMC student community. I want to make sure all students can take advantage of everything SMC has to offer."

Haque believes that the current AS board "overall did a good job" and said that he would like to continue their good work. When asked what would qualify him to handle one of the largest budgets for a community college in the country, he said, "I have a lot of experience in retail. I have negotiating skills. I believe in negotiation. I've worked as a closing cashier for a long time with integrity and honesty. I've never run into any problems and routinely handled over $8,000 in cash. I am confident here that I will do a good job."

Although he believes the current AS board is helpful and doing a good job, he is confident he can finish the job that Alexandra Brechensbauer, the current Director of Student Affairs, started. He wants to be similarly friendly like Brechensbauer, but believes he can do more.

He said, "I will be the one (AS Director) that will be easily available, that will help you with all of his capabilities."